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You may not want to subscribe to become a LawPlus member … even though it is great value!

Perhaps you don’t need access to our super topical guides, videos, step-by-step guides, webinars, on-line courses and your own personal lawyer just yet.

We get that.

That’s why we also provide access to our library of quality ‘do-it-yourself’ legal templates where you pay for them as you need them.

But these aren’t just any ol’ templates…

They’re templates that we have drafted specifically to comply with Irish law.

There’s nothing American or English about them…

Just great templates drafted by Irish Lawyers for Irish businesses.

And getting them couldn’t be simpler.

Simply choose the right template for you from our selection of document and letter templates in our Resource Hub, pay for it and get it delivered straight to your Inbox.

And you’ll also get guidance on how to complete your document template correctly.

Can’t find the template you’re looking for?

Let us know…and we’ll get that sorted also.

Either way we’ve got you covered.

If you like what you’ve read, you probably already know that we’re the right law firm for you.

Still not convinced? That’s okay. Book your FREE Fact-Find call, give us a call on 086 677 5537 or email us at and we can arrange to meet with you for a chat, no strings attached. If you don’t like what you see or hear then, if nothing else, we know a little bit more about each other. Either way the coffee is on us.
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