Skip the guesswork, the uncertainty, the fear and the never-ending saga of not getting a simple answer to a simple question. And instead, grow your business with proven, practical legal support and guidance that delivers.




You have a great business but don’t know where to go to get affordable and accessible legal support and guidance…

You tackle your legal issues through trial and error, by ‘hoping’ they’ll go away…

You spend countless hours on Google trying to figure it out for yourself…

We call this “googleitis”…

You avoid talking to a lawyer for fear of what it might cost…

And when you do talk to a lawyer you find their approach frustrating – because you can never get a simple answer to a simple question…

If any of this resonates with you, you aren’t getting the legal guidance and support your small business needs.


We were fed up with hearing stories about good people with a great business, just like you, being ill-served and let down.

So, we decided to do something about it.

Because the simple fact is…

every successful small business needs legal support.

We know this because we see businesses exposed to unnecessary risk every day.

There’s no getting away from it …try as you may!

But that doesn’t mean that getting legal support can’t be a positive and, dare we say it, enjoyable experience.

And that’s the reason we created our online membership platform.

We call it ‘PLUGGED’…. because that’s exactly what it does.

It plugs the legal holes in your business…

This is the most innovative legal service in the country…and that’s not to blow our own trumpet!

It works for you and your budget.

You get the legal protection and support you need at a price you can afford.

And you know exactly how much your legal support will cost you month on month, year on year.

So you can budget for that support.

You see everything we do at PLUGGED is designed with a ruthless focus on being the best legal service provider for your small business.

It’s our way of making a difference in this crazy world.


FREE Legal Templates

Protect your business by accessing great business, employment and HR document and letter templates FREE – 24/7.

Easy to Read Guides

Get empowered by accessing 100’s of jargon-free guides that give you a greater understanding of the legal issues relevant to your business, all written in a way that makes a topic easy to understand.

Expert Advice

Have all your legal questions answered quickly and easily from a lawyer who understands small business. Never feel anxious about business or employment issues again.

Videos and Webinars

Get access to lots of knowledge-based videos and webinars to make your understanding of a legal topic even simpler.

Unlimited Consults

Get direct access to your own personal lawyer for legal support on any business, employment or HR matter when you need it – any time, any where.

Regular Legal Updates

Stay in the know with regular updates on all things business, employment and HR direct to your Inbox.

Price Certainty

Get access to all the legal services your small business needs for a low monthly fee that works for you and your budget, knowing that you’ve got your legals covered without fear of what it might cost.

Confidence and Empowerment

Get on with growing and running your business safe in the knowledge that you have great legal support behind you as and when you need it.

… All this and much more available with our Membership


Here’s a little taster of what our members are saying about PLUGGED…


We know it’s tough for small business.

Because we are a small business ourselves.

And we know that all the legal stuff that goes with a small business probably isn’t top of your list.

It’s a tough ask to spend upwards of €1000 on a lawyer to draft a contract when you could just download one you found on Google, right? …there’s that googleitis again.

We get that.

The problem is that document you found on Google isn’t going to provide you with what you need.

Ah, yea! But it’s good enough we hear you say.

But is it? REALLY?

That’s why we’ve developed PLUGGED, our online legal membership platform.

It’s so much more expensive, time-consuming and stressful to deal with a legal problem after it has occurred than to protect your business against it happening in the first place.

Why put your business at risk by not putting the right legal protections in place.

You know that getting things done properly will give you peace of mind.

Your clients won’t be pushing those goalposts or requesting refunds.

Those difficult conversations that we all dread won’t take place.

…But if they do, you’re in control.

You’ll be confident in approaching bigger clients because you won’t be embarrassed about not having the right contract, knowing that it contains the right things.

You won’t be fearful of dealing with difficult employees because your procedures are robust.

With your legals handled, you can stop living in fear of not getting paid or losing a contract because your terms and conditions aren’t right.

You can stop worrying about having to defend an employee action knowing that you have followed the correct procedure.

You can stop worrying about contacting your lawyer for fear of what it will cost for the privilege.

Get that time back to focus ON your business and not IN your business.

Achieve your goals, have peace of mind and reap the rewards of your hard work.

It’s truly transformative!


If you’re ready to save big on all your essential legal services and protect your small but mighty business by becoming a member, simply choose the right plan for your business below and click the button to join us…



0 to 2
per month
3 to 5
per month
6 to 10
per month
11 to 15
per month
per month
0 to 2


per year
3 to 5


per year
6 to 10


per year
11 to 15


per year


per year

Minimum of 12 months commitment. All subscription pricing excludes VAT. * Up to a total of 25 employees. For employee numbers in excess of this please contact us.


Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Get in touch and we’ll help you out

Because our subscription legal service is just great value! And we say that with confidence. You see, not only do you get access to legal support and guidance to help you run your small business, but you also get access to support on employment and HR issues …. so, you don’t have to spend your hard-earned cash on a HR company. Or pay €1,000’s and more on getting legal or employment documents drafted. Or worry about a consultation fee of €150+ every time you talk to a lawyer. Because membership gives you all of that… and more. You will receive valuable and timely support on the legal questions or issues you have, without the worry of facing a potentially big legal bill. You pay one fixed fee on a monthly or annual basis. And as legal issues arise, all you have to do is to schedule a call or reference our Resource Hub. No hourly billing, no retainers, just quality legal support and access to quality templates and resources as you need them.

The answer is Yes. If you own, manage or operate a small business then our subscription legal service is right for you. Why? Because it provides you with unlimited access to legal support and a host of other legal services for a low monthly payment. It also provides you with the comfort of knowing that you have access to legal support on business, employment and HR matters as and when you need it, without the worry of how much it will cost.

Your membership includes 24/7 access to our Resource Hub. This unlocks unlimited consultations with our lawyers, on-demand. You will also get unlimited downloads of our legal business and employment document and letter templates. Plus so much more – including regular updates on business and employment topics, access to great guides, videos, webinars, podcasts and discounts on legal transactions.

Our Resource Hub gives you access to legal guidance and support on the most common legal and employment issues that small business owners like you face every day. Your membership serves as a basic legal protection for your business. As a member you get legal support on matters relating to the running of a small business including employment issues, contracts, intellectual property, business structuring, privacy, buying and selling a business, franchising and more. Naturally, there will be some things that take more work than would be possible under your membership plan. For those matters we offer a generous discount and competitive flat rates to members.

You have access to all of our legal document and letter templates, which you will find in our Resource Hub. This includes both business-related, employment-related and HR-related documents (and letters). We are adding new templates to our database all the time to meet our member’s needs. So, if you cannot find a template that you require, please let us know and we will arrange to add this template to our database. Your membership does not include our legal template document review service, though this service is available to you at a reduced fee.

The answer is no. The whole point behind your membership is to give you easy access to legal advice. Our Ask Your Lawyer video facility gives you direct access to the support you need at any time.

It’s very simple. Just Book a Call on-line and one of our lawyers will call you at the selected time and date.

Your membership gives you access to our lawyers via phone or video call. Our business model does not generally allow for a face-to-face consultation.

It is easy.  When you first sign up, you will provide us with credit or debit card payment information.  All of your information is stored and handled by our portal that is PCI complaint, designed to protect your information.  Monthly payment is processed automatically through Stripe, one of the fastest growing payment processors in the world.  You will receive a receipt and an Invoice every time a payment is made. 

Our objective is to provide you with the best legal support at the lowest possible price. The reason we can offer this service at a low price point is because of our 12-month contract rule. Our position therefore is that any shortfall remaining for the 12-month period remains owing. Though we hate to lose any member we understand that circumstances can change so you will not find us wanting in trying to reach an agreement with you if this situation arises.

Please do. This service is your service. Our membership is the first of its kind in Ireland and it is designed for our members. By learning what you want and what is useful for you, will help make it even better. Because we want this service to be the best it can be.

Membership of our service is about prevention and proactivity. By addressing or uncovering legal issues before they become a problem, you will save a ton of time and money. That’s why we have introduced this business model; because we have seen the inordinate time and expense small businesses face when they fail to get legal support early.

We love questions and we’re always happy to talk. So, if you have any questions about our membership and the services we offer, simply Book a Call and we’ll contact you for a chat and to answer any questions you have.

If you like what you’ve read, you probably already know that we’re the right service for you.

Still not convinced? That’s okay. Book your FREE Fact-Find call, give us a call on 086 677 5537 or email us at and we can arrange to meet with you for a chat, no strings attached. If you don’t like what you see or hear then, if nothing else, we know a little bit more about each other. Either way the coffee is on us.
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