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As a client of Solve Outsource you get a subscription to our legal business hub, worth €3,000 a year, so there’s no longer any need to spend hours and thousands of euro for legal business support.

Get legal support for your business worth up to €3,000 per year – and it’s on us

For everything your small business needs, we’ve got you covered – and we don’t just mean when it comes to accountancy services. Brought to you in partnership with PLUGGED, our exclusive Smart Business Legal Hub is your one-stop shop for all the legal resources and tools you need. As a Solve Outsource client, you’ll get unrivalled legal support for your business worth up to €3,000 per year, completely on us. And even better, your free access will continue for as long as you remain a client.

Reasons to use the SOLVE Smart Business Legal Hub

Create top-quality legal documents relevant to your business with access to lots of document templates drafted by lawyers – Shareholders Agreements, Terms and Conditions, Employment Contracts, Employee Handbooks, Website Policies… and so much more.

100’s of letter templates to cover all sorts of legal situations – from hiring an employee, to chasing a debt to making someone redundant. We’ve got you covered…
Easy to read explanatory guides on topics like HR, GDPR compliance, health and safety, intellectual property, websites, doing business with consumers, contracts for your business…it’s all here.
A series of ‘Step by Step’ guides on a range of topics that challenge small business owners and employers on a daily basis. Providing you with practical, easy to follow step by step action plans, including templates and checklists, to help you handle a specific issue with confidence.
Great checklists to make sure that you don’t forget any of those key action points when dealing with things like an internal investigation, GDPR compliance or an employee’s probation.

Lots of knowledge-based videos and webinars to make your understanding of a topic even simpler. Want a topic discussed? Tell Plugged what it is and voila…a webinar or video just for you.

Regular updates on all things business, employment and HR direct to your inbox

Direct access to your own personal lawyer for legal support on any business or employment matter. Need to ask a quick question? Give Plugged a call.

Resources on all these topics and more!

The SOLVE Smart Business Legal Hub has business support covering all the following topics and more, in the form of resources such as how-to videos, guides, checklists, documents and legal templates and business health checks

Frequently asked questions

You’ll need to give the name of your business to confirm you are a client along with your email address. We will then provide you with an access code which will enable you to register as a user of the Hub.

You don’t need to enter any payment details, as Solve has already bought Plugged’s platform for you, so your access to the Hub is free. Your licence will be activated as soon as you register for the platform, using the access code provided to you.

You’ll get 24/7 digital access to a library of 100’s of legal business resources, including document and letter templates, checklists, how-to guides and videos and webinars. You’ll also get guidance on areas such as employment, HR, GDPR, health and safety, terms and conditions and more.

You’ll have free access to the platform for as long as you remain a client of Solve.

If you are no longer a client of Solve, your free access to the platform will automatically cease. You can then pay from €55 a month to access the platform directly through Plugged.

If you have any issues on the Hub, you can access support with a Plugged agent. You can also email Plugged directly at
No, we don’t own the platform. We licence use of the platform from Plugged for the benefit of our clients. Ownership of the platform and all intellectual property belongs to Plugged.

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