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A simple, practical Guide to avoiding the common legal traps

This Guide has been put together with love and affection.

It’s filled with lots of great titbits to give you a better understanding of those niggling legal issues all startups and small business owners face.

It’s our little treat.

A gift, if you will!

Because we love small business.

And we want you to succeed.

But we know that for many of you it can feel like you are swimming against a raging river.

So, look on this guide as a sort of buoyancy aid to help get you to shore safely.

It provides insights and guidance on common challenges facing any small business…even yours.

Like choosing a name, structuring your business correctly, finding the right partner, getting the basics right, dealing with customers and suppliers and protecting your intellectual property.

It’s an easy read (*cough* no, really).

You won’t feel like your sludging through knee-high mud in gumboots.

Because we have a rule … talk like a human.

You see, on your business journey you will face an immense amount of pressure.

Pressure is a fact of life.

The people who learn to relish it are the ones who become high performers.

Having a wildly successful business is your ultimate goal.

So that you can create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

It also makes you stronger.

And the good news is that you are the captain of your own ship.

So, if you’re serious about business success, then this Guide will help you on your journey.

And – of course – it’s completely free.

But this is just the entrée to what we serve up in our Resource Hub.

And if you need any further help with your business or have a burning question, you know where to find us.

So, bon appetite and enjoy the read

To your success! for online success.

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